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Jekota Huskyn Reserves the Right to 1st Pick of ANY Litter






Depositors ONLY are notified when a litter is about to whelp and when the 1st pup is born.


Depositors ONLY are guaranteed a puppy...if not from their preferred litter (if a litter is all one gender and the other was wanted, the litter was small and not enough to fill the depositor list...etc.) then  they will receive a pup from the next available litter (depending on availability and deposits taken for that litter).


Once an entire litter is born, dry and nursing well, newborn pictures are taken and sent to the depositors for the first look at them.

1st Pick depositors have up to 72 hours to choose their new family member.

If the 1st Pick depositor does not  or can not choose a pup with-in the allotted time frame the 2nd pick depositor is then given the 1st pick option.

Once 1st picks have been made, 2nd pick depositors are notified that it is their turn to choose.

2nd pick depositors then have an additional 72 hours to pick.

Once all depositors have made their decisions the remaining pups, IF any will be available to the waiting list (APPROVED applicants).

Once all depositors have made their choices, it is up to those on the waiting list to contact me if still interested in one of the remaining available pups.


Those on the waiting list are in NO particular order and will not be contacted. If you are on the waiting list only, once all the Depositors have made their picks, YOU must contact Me if interested in a remaining pup….It is on a first contact, first served basis once the Depositors have made their picks.




Once an entire litter has been ‘Forever Homed”, the waiting list for that litter is deleted.

If on the waiting list only and still wish to acquire a pup, you must re-apply at the time the preferred litter is posted as planned or expected.


I will not hold pups for ANY length of time for any reason.

I will not hold pups to determine eye or coat color.


Please note that the deposit is NON-refundable. If placing a deposit and you later change your mind - for any reason - the deposit, as well as any money paid, is forfeited by you.

Be 100% sure that adding a Siberian Husky to your family is what you want to do…..





Note: I post puppy videos….Not only will the Puppy Pictures be up-dated once a week (usually on Saturdays, at or before 7:00pm), but I will also have weekly videos of the pups starting at the 3rd week of age.



Visitation & Puppy Pick-Up:


After a 4 week health check, if ALL pups in a litter check out 100% healthy, a 1 hour meet & greet will be scheduled for the new puppy owners to meet me here at Jekota Huskyn (if you haven't met me previously), Dams (if Momma will allow) & Sires and your pup.


If even one pup has ANY issues, this will not take place and the meet and greet will be at the time of Pick-Up….I’m sorry, but I will not risk any complications with the pups.




Puppy Pick-Up is at 7+ weeks of age (unless otherwise noted in our email conversations).


Puppy Pick-Up is always on the Saturday or Sunday after the pup reaches 7 weeks of age.


Puppy Pick-Ups are scheduled after at the 4th week of age and after the 4 week health check.


Puppy Pick-Ups are scheduled 45 minutes to 1 hour apart so I can answer all your questions and go through the puppy pack and literature with you.


If pups MUST stay past the scheduled pick-up weekend, there is a 10$ per day kennel fee applied to the total puppy purchase price.




Please remember that I am here for you when you need guidance, information or help in raising your pup. I will answer any questions even after you get your pup home...no matter his/her age.




When placing a deposit please remember…….

I cannot guarantee that a litter will not be of all one gender.

I cannot guarantee the size of a litter; I do NOT and never will have a pregnant female x-rayed to determine litter size. I have seen what can happen to pups that are subjected to being x-rayed while in-utero and I will NOT do that to my pups.

I make no guarantees of health once the puppy leaves my care beyond the Heath Agreement.

I cannot guarantee eye or coat color of ANY pup from ANY litter.

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