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Text Box: BACK
Text Box:  Kitt
We started looking at Siberian Husky sites just so we could be reminded of Ben
(Our beloved Siberian Husky that passed in 2008); And that is how we came across PhiChas Siberians. I felt an immediate affinity with Sam after reading their philosophy on Siberians and their breeding program, and I was pleased that they wanted specific answers on their puppy application. It showed me right away how serious they were about finding loving homes for their puppies.
Considering the amount of time Sam put into raising each puppy the price was extremely reasonable. Twice a week, Sam put new pictures of the growing pups on their website. It was simply breathtaking watching our little Kitt grow up right before our eyes.
Despite being extremely busy, they always took time to email me answers to my questions and send outtakes - pictures that didn’t make the website but were too cute to scrap.
Our Puppy Pack arrived a few days before Kitt did, and it was filled with all sorts of detailed information about raising Siberian puppies.
There was even the sweetest little birth certificate with Kitt’s newborn picture.
Kitt arrived, safe, clean, and very healthy! He knew his name when he came to us, and potty training has been very easy because of their efforts. We also received very detailed vaccination records that my vet was very pleased with. It made everything so simple and easy!
Since Kitt has come home to us, I have chatted with Sam on the phone and emailed them questions and pictures of Kitt as he has grown.
They are always so willing to respond and laugh at Kitt’s stories.
They are truly a remarkable couple, with a great love for dogs and a genuine interest in promoting the realities of living with Siberian Huskies.
Kitt has already forged his way deeply into our hearts!
Sam once told me that Dave and I were now part of their pack, and I have never felt anything other than that since the day we ‘Forever Homed’ one of Dixie and Joe’s pups.

 From the bottom of our hearts,
Thank You Sam of PhiChas Siberians!

David & Aimiee G.
Redondo Beach, California 
Text Box: Maya
My experience with PhiChas Siberians was amazing.
I think that Maya was very up to date with her care.
From what I saw on their website and when I visited their Home Maya was very well taken care of.
The price was very reasonable too!
The puppy pack was full of every thing you would ever need to have & know about your Siberian Husky puppy.
I would recommend to anyone who wants a beautiful, healthy Siberian Husky to check out PhiChas Siberians.

Thank you Sam!

Scott G.
Mossyrock, Washington 
Text Box:  BEAMER
I have had a great experience with PhiChas Siberians. Sam answered my questions promptly and I felt like I knew them personally. I can tell they care for their dogs a lot.  I was surprised on how much info that I received on Beamer. I also enjoyed the pictures and e-mails that I received. Beamer was very well cared for. The price we paid for him was well worth it, Beamer is a beautiful dog and very well mannered. I was really surprised on how much was in the puppy pack. We received a lot of information and things for the puppy. I would and already have recommended PhiChas Siberians. You are very professional and I can tell that you care for all the dogs and puppies in your care.
Thank you for such a great experience! 
Patti, Don & D.J.   
Jenison, Michigan
Text Box: KODI
My experience with PhiChas Siberians was amazing! 
They were very professional, and answered all questions and concerns I may have had.
I was kept well informed of his vaccinations, wormings...etc. and the care that Sam had done for him.
My puppy (Kodi) was well taken care of, he was clean shipped with care and all his need were provided for.
Without a doubt he was well worth the price and more!
The Puppy Pack came in handy and it taught me about my puppy and his needs.
I have recommended PhiChas Siberians to many people 
& have told them how wonderful you are!

Sean N.
Brooklyn, New York
Text Box: SISU 
Our experience with Sam / PhiChas Siberians was great. They kept us informed and up to date and were available for questions at any time. 
E-mail questions and info came promptly and well informed. We have a wonderful, healthy, happy, puppy and as our vet described in his first checkup with him said, "Very nice boy, Super demeanor." They sent Sisu home with a helpful puppy pack which included a blankey with memories from home, he sleeps with it.
We would recommend PhiChas Siberians and had a great experience in our new addition to our family. 

Steve, Nicole and Kids
Portland, Oregon
Text Box: WILLOW

Our experience with PhiChas Siberians was, in a word - Excellent! 
They thoroughly answered all of our questions in a prompt manner and provided the information we needed to care for our new pup. They have a very fair system set up for picking a pup from a litter and the web cams to view my new baby growing each day were great! They really know their stuff and their puppies show it!
We loved how weekly updates were provided by email on how my puppy was doing. I have never seen a happier puppy in my whole life! For a Purebred AKC puppy, the cost for this priceless little girl was very reasonable in my opinion.
We love the pictures, literature and the customized birth certificate in the Puppy Pack. 
The blanket with mom's and litter mates scent was very helpful in getting my puppy to adjust to her new surroundings. 
The toys, food and treats were very sweet too! She is a very Healthy & Happy Girl! 
We are simply amazed about how sweet of a puppy she is, so mellow. 
She has been going to work with me each day and she is a perfect angel.
I have already recommended PhiChas Siberians to all my friends, family & 
co-workers (who want to steal her….lol).

We wanted to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for 
allowing us the privilege of giving her a "Forever Home".

Adrian V. and TJ P.
Central Point, Oregon
Text Box: ISIS
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with PhiChas Siberians. They were very accommodating to us and our questions as well as our needs. They kept us up to date with our puppies care; letting us know how she was developing physically as well as specifics on her personality. They were helpful in letting us know what means they had used to start the house training process as well as what the puppies diet would be like so as to make an easier transition for us and our new puppy when she was brought home. They did so via several forms- e-mails, pictures, and video- so that we could really see our puppies development. It was wonderful, and had us continually checking our computer for updates each night. Their continual contact made us feel like we already knew our puppy by the time we brought her home. We know our puppy was well taken care of.  She was very loved and comfortable when she came home to us. She was very friendly and obviously had some socialization while growing up with more then just her litter mates. The only thing we wish is that she would have had was more familiarization with was the outdoors- though we know with puppies this would be a very hard task (as it was winter).  She was very fearful of all things outdoors when we first brought her home, but other then that she was perfectly comfortable with everyone and everything. The price was reasonable- she is a wonderful asset to our family and we would gladly pay it again. The puppy pack was great. The toy and blanket she found very comforting- the treats and food were also very helpful.  The fact sheets and information were great to answer very specific questions from different perspectives than some of our training books. All in all it was helpful. Isis is a wonderful puppy, her disposition and general demeanor themselves recommend PhiChas Siberians. There isn't a day that has gone by when someone she has met hasn't inquired about where we found her. She is simply so well adjusted and composed for such a young puppy and a great deal of that is owed to her care by PhiChas Siberians.  So yes we would recommend them.  In the future we would even adopt another puppy from them.

Heather & Nathan
Seattle, Washington
Text Box: BUCODA
Our experience with PhiChas Siberians was very pleasant! 
Sam was extremely helpful and informative. 
We looked forward to every up-date and knew it would always be ready with information on not just our puppy (Bucoda), but on all the puppies as well as what the adults were up to. 
Bucoda was very well taken care of while in Sam’s care, you can tell because he is such a very happy boy and is in excellent health! 
The price was very reasonable; the puppy pack was informative and jam packed with goodies!
We would absolutely recommend PhiChas Siberians for healthy & happy puppies!

Chris H.
Salem, Oregon

Text Box: ABBY

Overall we would say that the experience with PhiChas Siberians was a little different than we are used to but,
 it was a lot of fun along the way. 
It was a very different way for us to acquire a companion as we are used to seeing the pups, playing with them a little, and choosing from the litter at about 4-8 weeks of age. 
With PhiChas Siberians, you select your pup at birth and once it was explained to us that puppies can be harmed by diseases from early visitors, we completely understood their way of doing things. 
What we liked, and the reason we went ahead, was that we felt like we knew more about the dam and sire of our puppy then from any other breeder. Also, I talked to several past puppy owners and they put us at ease about the sincerity that Sam and Charlie have for the well being of their Fur Children! 
Once we decided to go this route, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 
By the time we picked up our Abby, we felt we knew her having watched her every day on the web cams.
Sam and Charlie are real lovers of Sibes and totally committed to the breed!
We felt very well informed about the care of all their dogs as well as all the pups. 
We watched them develop on the Web Cams and we were very impressed with how clean their nurseries were! 
Though we were several hundred miles away we felt like we were part of the entire experience all along.
We loved the way Sam introduced them to new experiences along the way and the way they documented their health care. Our vet was very impressed with the way they cared for the pups and the temperament of ours. 
We learned a lot from watching Sam.
For the way they live with their Fur Kids and truly love them, I think the price was more than reasonable. 
They spend a lot of time with them and it shows! Our pup is very loving and she wants to be with us.
As they say in the Credit Card commercial -------PRICELESS
It really helped to have the supplies, toys, food, treats & blanket for the trip home and the literature in the puppy pack was again priceless. Thank you.
I will recommend PhiChas Siberians; in fact I have already recommended them several times. 
So many people that we meet are impressed with the demeanor & temperament of our Abby, she’s beautiful, smart and very well mannered.

Dale & Aleta E.
Spokane Valley, Washington
Text Box: AJAX
Sam of PhiChas Siberians were the most experienced breeders we have ever met!
They kept us up to date every single day for hours on end.
It was truly like we knew all the puppies before we even met them.
We could tell by the generous video cams they set up (and that we watched) every day that our Ajax was very well taken care of.
We wouldn’t trust any other breeder!
Ajax was well worth the wait and every penny!
The Puppy Pack was one of the most helpful tools we needed to maintain our puppy's care.
His little blanket with his Momma's, brother's and sister's scent was so wonderful to help Ajax with his transition to his new home.
We recommend PhiChas Siberians every day of our lives!

Derek V. & Garnet W.
Eugene, Oregon
Text Box: Enzo

The experience I had with Sam at PhiChas Siberians, in one word - Amazing.
Sam and her family are some of the nicest folks I've had the honor of meeting.
They made the adoption process very easy and laid out every step for me from purchase to when I picked up my boy, Enzo. I couldn't be happier with the experience.
Even after picking Enzo up I'm still getting help and advice from my new 'pack' family.
I knew everything that was going on with Enzo from the day he was born till the day I picked him up.
Not only could I watch him play with his brothers, sisters and Mom on the live cam, I was also receiving frequent email updates on how all of the puppies were doing in his litter.
There's no doubt in my mind that Enzo had the very best of care.
Enzo had the loving care of not only his Mom but Sam as well.
In all honesty I was planning on spending much, much more for a pure bred Siberian Husky, but I paid much less than that for my beautiful, HEALTHY, HAPPY, well adjusted puppy.
Thank you Sam for the puppy pack, it really saved my hide for the drive home.
I had forgotten many important items for the drive home and the puppy pack gave me everything that I needed.
I didn't know what to start feeding Enzo and in the puppy pack (along with all the other wonderful stuff) I had a bag of food to work with until I purchased more food for Enzo.
I have already recommended PhiChas Siberians to other members of my family 
and multiple friends who have shown interest in the breed.
I wouldn’t recommend any other breeder except PhiChas Siberians 
to anyone looking for an exceptional Siberian Husky pup!

Jeremy B.
Beaverton, Oregon