Available Rescue/Re-Homes

Puppy Mills & Back-Yard-Breeders are the reason SO many canines are in

shelters & rescue centers…..

PLEASE do NOT support

Puppy Mills or Back-Yard-Breeders

or YOU will become part of the problem!!



Pure bred Siberian Husky Rescue/Re-Homes are VERY few and far between, that said, if I do not have a rescue/re-home available and you would like to be placed on a waiting list to be notified when I have a Rescue/Re-Home available,

send me an email with:

Names & ages of ALL family members

Phone number

Verifiable E-mail address

Full physical/mailing address (no P.O Box #’s)

Yard size and fence/kennel run dimensions

Veterinary information (Name, address, phone number)

Your knowledge of the Siberian Husky breed


Once verified and if accepted, I will place you on this list.

**PLEASE NOTE: Getting on this list means you may be waiting for quite a while,

I never know when a Rescue/Re-Home will come to me in need of a new ‘Forever Home’.



None at this Time