Puppy Pricing & More Info

To be owned by a Siberian Husky is not expensive…

it’s absolutely PRICELESS!

Text Box: To be placed on the waiting list, please fill out the 
‘Puppy Application’
for review
Text Box: NOTE:

Payment plans do NOT apply to pups 4 weeks of age or older.

Text Box: I DO NOT ship my pups.
All pups MUST 
be picked-up in person.
Please take this into consideration prior to filling out the puppy application.


I AM NOT a Commercial Breeder!

I am a Very Small, Private Canine Hobby Enthusiast!

I have researched this breed for literally thousands of hours.

I do what I do for my own physical, mental and emotional health.

I love this breed with my whole heart.

PLEASE believe me when I say (and I WILL repeat over, and over, and over again) that you MUST research this breed completely BEFORE deciding to add one to your home and family!



Pricing is for Puppies only - NOT for Rescue/Re-Homes (If/when Available).


Price per pup will be listed on each liter’s page once posted.

Payment Plans Available (if purchased prior to the 4th week of age).


Puppy pair are encouraged if there are no other animals in the household.

Siberian Huskies are pack oriented and they do best in homes where they are allowed to pack with other dogs their same size and activity level.

(I offer a $100.00 discount on the purchase of two puppies from the same litter & a $50.00 discount on the purchase of a second puppy from a different litter…..Discounts do not apply if a puppy’s price has been reduced).


There is a $200.00 (per pup) NON-refundable deposit required to hold a pup.


I will accept deposits with Postal Money Orders ONLY

Installment payments, if needed, will be accepted via Postal Money Orders or Cash.

ALL pups MUST be Paid In Full by the 6th week of age.


Puppies will be available for pick up at 7 weeks of age.

I understand that there are certain situations that will require the pup stay with me an extra week. (If a situation does arise, there is a $10.00 per day care fee that begins the day after the scheduled pick-up date).

You MUST come, in person, to pick-up your pup.

I do not ship my pups!


I prefer payments (I can set you up with a payment plan....given the time allotted, & if early enough to do so), however, payment if full will be accepted if you prefer.

*If the balance is not paid for in-full by the time stipulated in our communication emails, depositor looses 100% of any money paid, does not get their puppy and looses their chance to ever purchase a puppy from me in the future.

Basically this is due to a couple of individuals/families sending a $200 deposit to hold a puppy and not sending the balance as required.

As a puppy grows its needs get greater. Your money provides your puppy with the things he/she needs to grow happy, hearty and well socialized, as well as the expenses and time to provide the pup with those needs.


The deposit is not in addition to the purchase price, it is already included in the purchase price.

Once the Deposit has been made, DO NOT send any further payments until the pups are whelped and you have chosen your puppy.

I will then send the various payment options available to you via e-mail.

I will then send you the legally binding contract via snail mail. Contracts must be signed AND notarized and sent back to me with-in 2 weeks of receipt.

If the pup is purchased after the 4th week of age, he/she must be paid for in-full.

Payment options are not available after the 4th week.


If  your puppy is not paid for as noted above….all contracts are void and I will re-list the puppy as available!  

If I do not receive the contract back PRIOR to the scheduled day of pick-up...I will relist the pup as available and you forfeit any and all money paid!

If  you commit to a puppy and decide later that you no longer want the puppy FOR ANY REASON You will forfeit all money paid and return the pup to me to be re-homed to a suitable home!


If I feel the best interests of the puppy/dog are not going to be met I will void a signed contract and re-list the puppy as available.


I understand that there may be issues getting fencing up/secured, and other reasons that pups will need to stay past the scheduled pick-up date...so, if pups MUST stay past the scheduled pick-up weekend, there is a 10$ per day kennel fee applied to the total puppy purchase price.


Although this web page cannot be considered the contract that you will sign, it is however, an agreement to the stipulations expressed on this page.


*You WILL agree to have your pup/s Spayed/Neutered before the age of 7 months old.


If, after getting your pup home, you cannot train (via puppy classes or your own training), control or be a responsible Siberian Husky owner, you WILL return the puppy/dog to me at no cost to me!

Failure to comply with any of this will get you a visit by animal control to forcibly remove the pup from your home and be returned to me!


If  you cannot commit to these terms …...please look elsewhere.

I WILL NOT tolerate what I assume to be a trusted owner to allow one of my pups to be placed in a Pound/Shelter, allowed to run free to get run down by a car or truck, or an angry neighbor harming the pup, just because you can’t handle the spirit and innate traits of the Siberian Husky that you acquired from me!



I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone!

I reserve the right to first pick of any litter to add to my pack!


Each puppy leaves my home to yours with the following:

1.  A Complete Health Record. They are up to date on all vaccinations and de-worming when they leave my care.

2.  A Health Report from my chosen Veterinarian.

3.  A Health Agreement.

4.  Rear dewclaws removed, if needed (not all Sibes are born with rear dew claws).

5.  A Deluxe puppy pack consisting of -

            a  bag of Premium Grade puppy food and bottled water (for your trip home) .

            a blanket with Momma and litter-mates smell

            a 5 pack of puppy training pads

            a puppy toy or two

            a starter collar

            literature to help you raise your new pup

            a CD of all your puppy’s pictures from birth.


**  AKC registration papers (will be sent to you via snail mail as soon as I received the certificate of spay or neuter from your veterinarian of Spay/Neutering).


All puppies get potty pad training & some discipline training i.e. the words ‘NO’, ‘Down’ and also their new name.



PLEASE do your homework on Siberian Huskies before you inquire, they are NOT for everyone. Siberian Huskies require a lifelong commitment to obedience, activity, exercise and entertainment... their unique character, intelligence and high energy level can frustrate you, they will no doubt entertain you, and they will bring you great joy (if they're happy!) or great grief (if they're not!). If this type of relationship does not appeal to you, then consider another breed. Siberian Huskies are always, always...ALWAYS a work in progress!

Many people take it as a challenge when they are told “Siberian Huskies are not for everyone". It's not that I am saying that you are not "good" enough to take care of a Siberian Husky, instead, what I am saying is that the breed may not be what you are really looking for to fit in with your family and lifestyle.

Sibes can become destructive keeping themselves busy if left alone too long, get bored (or just because they want to!).

They love to dig and they love to run. If they get out without a lead/leash or out of a fenced yard or if you do not provide some sort of safe containment to keep them in, they will likely run away for days or forever! This could lead to the dog being stolen, harmed, or worse, Killed - run down by a car or truck. They are very beautiful animals but if they don't get the attention they deserve they are not going to be what you want in a dog.   


If for ANY reason it does not work out with your companion,

you will agree to return the puppy to me, at no cost to me.