Policy I

I, like many other breeders, have had to adopt certain visitation policies due to the wide spread dangers of several communicable canine diseases.

Due to the risk of Parvo transmission and other highly contagious diseases, I will only extend visitation privileges to families picking up their puppy to bring it home after he/she has had the first series of his/her vaccine and final health check (at 7 weeks of age).

At that time, those that have committed to a puppy are welcome to come and visit, meet the parents and see how/where their puppy and my canine kiddos are raised.

**See Amendment below**

If you wish to learn more about how my Sibes and puppies are raised, I can and will provide references from my previous puppy owners, all of whom have been to my home and have seen how my canine kiddos live. You will also be able to see tons of photos of your puppy as well as videos.


Parvo is an opportunistic disease that can kill a puppy in a matter of 24-48 hours.

It is shed by infected dogs and can live for months on hard surfaces, grass, clothing….etc.

If you have been exposed to any canine who hasn't been properly vaccinated and regularly re-vaccinated, or if you have been exposed in any way (even inadvertently) you run the risk of infecting a whole litter.

Lately there has been a large number of cases where even FULLY VACCINATED canines

have been diagnosed with Parvo.


It is a risk I am NOT willing to take with your puppy or any other family’s puppy.

Other diseases include: infectious hepatitis, Rubarth disease (Adenovirus 1 and 2), coronavirus, leptospirosis, distemper, and kennel cough.

Most of the diseases mentioned above can attack dogs of all ages;

however, puppies are much, much more vulnerable to contracting them!

Even though you may not currently own a dog, simply visiting a dog park, a friend or relatives dog or a pet store could contaminate your footwear and clothing and then carry it back to my home when you come to visit, putting a whole litter of puppies at great risk.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy and look forward to meeting you, in person, on Puppy Pick-Up day.

Other breeders may be willing to place their pups and adults in jeopardy, I WILL NOT!

There is nothing more important than the safety and well being of                                                     my dogs and their puppies!

PLEASE respect this and DO NOT ask me to make an exception just for you.




**Visitation Policy I Amendment:**



I have decided to allow a SCHEDULED, 1 hour, 4 week (when the pups in a litter turn 4 weeks old) Meet & Greet to all NEW OWNERS ONLY that have committed to a pup with either a Deposit or Full Payment during the

Spring, Summer & Fall months…

Winter Meet & Greets may be scheduled as along as the road leading up to the house is, and remains, clear and free of ice & snow.

At the pups 4th week of age the pups will receive their 4 week health check.

IF ALL the pups in the litter are doing well AND if the Momma will allow, I will schedule a Meet & Greet for that litter for the Saturday after the health check.

No other visits will be allowed except for at the time of Pick-Up.




Due to Covid-19 ALL Meet & Greets will be limited to small groups of no more than 8 people total at a time.

All State & Local Covid-19 restrictions will apply to all Meet & Greets and

may change with-out notice as per these restrictions.




Policy II


I have had to contact local and Federal authorities due to certain imminent threats to the safety of my family, my canine kiddos AND my home. I have received emails stating that these animal activist wack-o’s were following me to my ‘day job’  in hopes of running me off the road...I have also received snail mail stating that my home was going to be burned down and the occupants would be forced (by them) to remain inside while it burned.

I have received phone calls by these idiots stating that my dogs deserve to ‘live free’ and they will do anything they can to accomplish this.

As you may have seen, I have had two of my dogs poisoned (and killed) as well as having one of my young boys shot (in my own yard) and killed.

It is highly suspected that it was done by these self-proclaimed “humane” individuals/activists who pretended to be interested in a pup just to gain access to my home.


In order to protect myself, my dogs & my home, I have recently moved to a much more remote and secure location.


If you wish to know more about me…….ask to speak to my trusted references! They ALL have been to my home and are always ready, willing and able to let you know about their experience with me, meeting my kiddos and the way my dogs & pups are raised and live. And, why they keep coming back to me when they want to add another pup (or pups) to their family.

(ALL the testimonials on my reference pages are verbatim - posted in the way they were sent to me)


I will NOT let my precious babies be placed in harms way EVER again!



Policy III

The lesser of the 3 policies is the fact that since I have moved I have joined a small country farming community. During the hearing to allow the licensing and permits, the neighbors of this community came together and stated their concerns:

1.) They do NOT want the noise level to increase - Done, I live so far out, that they do not hear my kiddos even when they ALL get to howling ☺

2.) The dogs are not to be allowed to run loose - that’s just a no-brainer!

3.) NO increased traffic on this single lane, community based, country, dead end, dirt road - as such, I keep visits to a minimum as stated above.

I have had no issues with the community thus far BECAUSE I am sticking to the mandates that have been laid down before me!

Compliance with these regulations are not optional they are a requirement for me and must be respected and adhered to by everyone involved.

My Visitation Policies