Text Box: Canine Registration 
& why it’s Important!


How do you know if a Siberian Husky is the right breed for you

and your lifestyle?


Well…...ask yourself a few questions.


Do you pride your perfectly landscaped yard and garden?


(if Yes, this breed is NOT for you)

No matter what anyone else says, this breed can and most likely will DIG!

They are very curious. They want to know what you are doing planting

those new spring bulbs or young trees.

They will probably dig them right back up and bring them back to you for praise….lol.

If they hear a sound or smell something underground (gofer, mole, groundhog...etc.),

they HAVE to get it!

My yard is seriously a New York subway…

you could literally camp out in some of the holes!


If you do not want to find dead squirrels and mice on your doorstep,

then DON’T get a Husky.

Siberian Huskies have a high prey drive, if your neighbors have chickens or other small animals and your Sibe gets out and ‘gets’ those animals, YOU will be held accountable for that….either by the loss of your Sibe (by animal control or a local farmer...do gun shots sound familiar?) or hit with a hefty fine!

They like to stalk small animals and can be pretty territorial about it.


Do you want your home spotless at all times?


(if Yes, this breed is NOT for you)

If you can't stand hair on your furniture, hair on your clothes

(and even sometimes in your food), then DON’T get a Husky.

Siberian Huskies ‘Blow’ their coats twice a year. I mean a LOT of hair!

They LOVE water, which means mud being most likely tracked into the house.

They are very clean animals. They can be so filthy one minute, then the next they are completely clean. You wonder where all that dirt went? It’s all over your home….lol.

Because of their dual coats (guard coat & under coat), the dirt just falls right off of them.


Do you have the time and patience to aggressively work with & train a high spirited animal?


(if No, this breed is NOT for you)

Siberian Huskies can be extremely stubborn & destructive!

They need constant Attention & Stimulation to keep them busy and out of trouble.

They are workhorses, bred to pull and run.


If you want a dog that is indifferent to your presence, and isn't demanding of your  time and attention, then DON’T get a Husky.


Huskies are very demanding.

Siberian Huskies are generally escape artists. If they are not happy and sometimes even if they are happy…...they WILL run!

Huskies need daily, physical exercise and their instinct to run, at times, overwhelms them.

They are not a breed that will sit on the front porch and wait for you to come home.

They are not a breed that you can pet once or twice a day and call it good for the day!

If left alone in a cage, crate, kennel or tied out for long periods of time; when you let them out or loose, They WILL let you know how unhappy they are - with destruction!

(usually with something you prize!)


If you're looking for a guard dog, then DON’T get a Husky.


They'll greet the burglar at the window, wagging their tail the whole time, and then

show him the way to the stereo and television, & all the ‘good stuff’.

Siberian Huskies are a very people oriented breed. Siberian Huskies like people….period!


If you think it is inconvenient or cruel to keep a dog confined,

then this Breed is NOT for you!


A main characteristic of the Siberian Husky is their desire to RUN.

There are many other breeds of dogs that, after you let them out in the morning,

will sit in the front yard for the rest of day quite content.

Not the Siberian Husky.

His heritage has given him a STRONG desire to run and his conformation has given him

the ability to enjoy it effortlessly. They are so quick in their brains and so quick on their

feet, that just one of their instinctual decisions to run could place them in front of an

on-coming car or truck and that can be the last run that he/she enjoys, ever!

Because of this, I strongly urge that no Siberian Husky ever be allowed unrestrained

freedom. Instead, for his/her own protection, he/she should be confined and under

control at all times. Ample exercise for proper development and well-being can be

achieved on a leash, in a large enclosure, or in harness.




if you can be patient, loving, caring & willing to train your Siberian Husky

correctly thru the first 2 to 3 years of his/her life,

you will no doubt have the very last canine breed you will EVER own!

Huskies do possess unique and caring dispositions.

You can be laying down to sleep or taking a nap and all of a sudden you will find your Husky buddy wrapping their fur covered body around you as if to invite you into their warmth.

The breed is pack oriented and quickly learns his/her place in the family.

Siberian Huskies are always ready to play, no excuses, and no batteries needed.

With all the negative aspects of being owned by a Siberian Husky,

There are SO many positive aspects of the breed as well.

Siberian Huskies are only as good as they're treated.

Like with children, the trick to a well-behaved dog of any breed is

consistency, patience, reassurance, and a lot of love.

With proper training, they are loyal, extremely smart & hilariously funny.

(it’s truly like having a perpetual 3 to 4 year old child)

Their beauty & grace is unmatched by any other breed available!

In my experience, I have NEVER known a breed like the Siberian Husky

that you swear that you are completely communicating with on ALL levels.

You know what they are ‘saying’ and they know what you are saying

(even when they pretend they don't!).

Their natural smile & expressions, will bring a smile to your face everyday.

Is A Siberian Husky Right For You?