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Text Box: PYKAH
Our experience with PhiChas Siberians was Wonderful!! 
Thank you so much for the constant communication about Pykah and all her siblings.  We received pictures and videos more often than we ever expected! It was so fun to watch her grow right before our eyes even though we are miles away!
We were kept well up to date on Pykah. Every time Pykah did something precious or not so precious, we were informed as if we were there with her.
Pykah was very well taken care of and she is so well socialized; she fit right in with our other dogs, our cat and all of the family. The ride home was perfect, she knew exactly how to behave, we put her on a leash and she walks as great as can be expected from a puppy, she even taps at the back door when she wants to go out back! If this isn’t “well taken care of” I wouldn’t know what is. 
She is such a great family member!
The puppy pack contained just enough food and water to get us by for our trip home!
We would absolutely recommend PhiChas Siberians and if, in the future we would like to expand our family with another Sibe,
it will be with Sam and family at PhiChas Siberians!

Matthew & Sheera 
Orting, Washington
Text Box: ASHER
I would describe our experience with PhiChas Siberians as very involved. Involved meaning that we were constantly updated on how he was and how his care was going. 
We felt like he was a part of our family before we even got him.
He was definitely well taken care of. 
The price I paid was reasonable, in fact, it was very reasonable. I would have paid more for the joy he has brought to our household. 
He's happy, healthy, and very well socialized. 
I was so happy with the puppy pack that was sent home with him. I was especially happy with the little typed up grow-guide for his different periods. It helped us raise him into a loyal, happy, and obedient dog. It also helped us with the little things we needed to do to show him our love. 
I have and will continue to recommend PhiChas Siberians to many, many people!

Thank you Sam of PhiChas Siberians

Kyle A.
Everett, Washington
Text Box: TYR
In our experience with PhiChas Siberians we would have to say VERY nice!  
They were so friendly, informative & fun!
It was much appreciated that were kept so up to date on Tyr’s care. 
We felt as though we knew Tyr by the Time we picked him up.
Our puppy was so very well taken care of - He is so happy & trusting. 
He seems very content.
We can see the difference in Tyr and our other 2 dogs (both from the pound) they were scared and timid while Tyr is almost potty trained already AND knows his name!
The price we paid was absolutely very reasonable.
The Puppy Pack is great! The info is much needed after so many years with adult dogs, we’ve forgotten a lot about puppies. We learned a lot from reading it.
We Would definitely recommend PhiChas Siberians!
Thanx a million for the care you give to your dogs - it shows!
They are gorgeous & so sweet!!
That makes for perfect pups!

Tone & Travis
San Clarita, California
Sam, we appreciate all that you did in the 8 weeks Cheyenne Luna was in your care. She is perfect in our eyes. From her markings, her eyes & her disposition. It was nice to be able to watch her grow by the pictures on your website that were updated almost daily. The videos were great too!
She loves people, and walks over to say hi every chance she can get. She doesn't jump on strangers; she softly kisses their hands or face’s. She's WONDERFUL with little kids, and of course they all love her too! Everyone that lays eyes on her says she is amazingly beautiful and well mannered. We are still working on potty training her (it takes time) but for the most part she had already started to potty train while she was in your care. Of course that makes it easier on all of us, thanks again :)
She plays with the flower, squeaky, rope toy (from the puppy pack) everyday. It helps for her teething, I'm sure it is painful for her :( 
The blanket with her Mother and littermates smells was very useful in the ride home. I wrapped her in it and held her in my arms to calm her. Most of the time she slept or looked out the window.
 Cheyenne is so good riding in a car. Later in the trip she started warming up to us more, and laid between us. 
She loves nature, trees, grass, flowers, meadows, etc. etc. our kind of girl!
She trots with her little tale up when we take her on walks, or hikes its adorable. It is such a beautiful thing to watch her grow.  We had her tested on her first visit with our vet for worms etc. She was perfectly healthy and negative of anything of the sort. I was told the most common problems in puppies are parasites. She does have a mild case of diarrhea but it is starting to get better. It could be because we switched over her food from Purina puppy chow to Wellness. I guess we should have done our research on that before hand, because we should have eased her into it slowly. I'm not sure how Siberian Husky puppies digestive systems can deal with digesting a steak, but that could have been part of the problem too. At first when it is our dinner time, she jumped up and barked. She listens pretty well when we say "no beg" and gets the hint fast. After she chills out and sits or lies down for a bit we give her a chicken jerky treat.
We couldn't have asked for anything better than our beautiful Cheyenne Luna. She is everything we could have ever wanted in a companion and more.
Again thank you for taking such good care of her!!

Brenda & Randy
Laytonville, California
Text Box: BACK
Text Box: SABER

Our experience with PhiChas Siberians was excellent. Sam raises quality, family oriented Huskies. Their own pack was a pleasure to meet, and we could tell that they truly love Siberian Huskies.
We received continual updates on Saber, complete with pictures and videos. PhiChas’ website also gave us a lot of information about Saber’s birth pack, and watching him interact with his littermates was really fun.
Saber came into our family as healthy as can be. The first vet visit was great - our vet was very impressed with Saber’s health and demeanor. Saber had no problem being touched or examined, and everyone agreed he is a wonderful puppy.
Saber is well worth the price we paid. Sam devotes so much time, energy and love to her puppies - the level of care is phenomenal!
The Puppy Pack was informative and fun. Saber’s birth certificate is especially sweet, with his newborn picture displayed proudly. He melted our hearts!
We would highly recommend PhiChas Siberians. They care deeply for their puppies and we felt our needs as the adoptive family were cared for too. Our family has grown in many ways thanks to Saber, and the welcome into the world that he was given made him the great dog that he is!

~ The Utz Family ~
Florence, Oregon
Text Box: KILO

Our experience with PhiChas Siberians was absolutely amazing. 
I have wanted a husky my entire life, but every time I thought of buying one it was never the right time - either I was living in an apartment, or just had a baby, etc. Once I finally decided to buy a husky, I searched everywhere. I wanted to buy local, so I could check out the breeder, and how they raised their puppies, but I couldn't find any information locally, so I was forced to look online. I was pretty lucky, as Sams page was the 2nd website I found. I knew immediately just by looking at their website that they were the people I was going to buy from. You can almost feel the love they have for their husky’s come through the website! It was great to get almost constant emails on how the puppies were doing, and being able to log on and see new pictures of kilo at least twice a week. It was so nice not to worry about my puppy, even though he was so far away. 
Even with all of that, it was still a complete shock to finally get kilo, and have such a perfect puppy! 
He came practically housetrained, and is the most calm, happy, lovable puppy I have ever seen. 
He is the perfect playmate and companion. 
Thank you again Sam!!!!

Robert & Dawn G.
Castle Rock, Colorado
Text Box: IZOK

Our experience with Sam at PhiChas Siberians was Wonderful.
From the moment we completed an application, we felt that we were part of their family.  If we sent an e-mail, it was answered within the day (usually within the hour). You can tell they love their dogs and it shows in the quality of the dog we received. 
We felt a part of Izok’s life from the moment there was a confirmed breeding. 
We also knew what was going on with Lola, and after Izok was born, we always felt up-to-date and close with him. The puppy cam was wonderful. 
We felt like we knew him before we ever got to bring him home!
He passed his vet exam with flying colors and has had no health issues. 
When Izok came home he was already very well socialized.  He was good with our other dogs, our cats and our children.  He was completely pad trained.  He walked on a leash from the first day and transitioned to each step with the greatest of ease. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for how wonderfully our pup was taken care of and how lucky we felt to have selected PhiChas Siberians.
I feel like we would have paid more for Izok. The price we paid was comparable to other breeders of Siberians, yet, we do not feel we would have gotten the quality of pup we did from any other breeder. 
The puppy pack was wonderful. We had answers to our questions at a moment’s notice. We had everything we needed for the drive home.
We would ONLY recommend PhiChas Siberians.
If anyone is seriously looking for a Sibe and has done their research on the breed,
this is the only breeder you should consider!!

Bonnie G. & Family
Pasco, WA
Text Box: Nikki & Kya

Our experience with PhiChas was great! We were referred to PhiChas after inquiring about a beautiful Sibe puppy we saw in our town. We weren’t quite ready for puppies at the time because we were giving all of our attention to our 14 year old Sibe, but we applied anyway. After seeing Dakota, we knew we wanted a PhiChas Siberian.
Sam put us on her list and we were able follow the whole process: Koda’s mating, pregnancy, and birth of her pups. It was wonderful and exciting to watch and that wasn’t even our litter!
By the 1st of the year we were ready for our next pair of Sibes. We followed the whole process closely and Sam always kept us well informed. She emailed us a few times each week with the latest progress and details. Thankfully everything went well and we are blessed with two wonderful girls – Kya and Nikki. Many people warned us not to get two pups from the same litter, but our girls are the perfect pair. They have exceeded our expectations in every way. We believe the neurological stimulation has a lot to do with how well adjusted and adaptable they are. Of course their awesome lineage probably has something to do with that as well.
It’s hard to put a price on “soon to be” members of the family, but the amount of time, effort, and attention Sam and Charlie put into their dogs is clearly evident and is priceless. They are certainly worth much more than the price we paid.
The puppy packs were greatly appreciated. It’s so nice to have all the puppy pictures. Kya and Nikki have dozens of toys, but besides each other, their absolute favorites are the ones from PhiChas!
We were pleasantly surprised to find out how well they were puppy pad trained. We had the girls for less than a week when we headed for our boat. Not yet being able to walk them in public areas, we put down a pad on the boat and BOOM; both their little bottoms squatted right over it! Thanks PhiChas – that has been a lifesaver!!! Now we have started crate training them and that is going to be a breeze too.
We highly recommend PhiChas. They breed wonderful, high quality Siberians!

Mark & Debbie K.
San Ramon, California
Text Box: Nisha & Kira

 Nisha and Kira are our 4th pair of dogs, our 3rd pair of Sibes, and our 2nd pair of PhiChas Sibes. So, we are pretty much Sibe experts . . . well maybe second only to Sam! 
 When Sam says she breeds for temperament, she knows her stuff. All 4 of our PhiChas Sibes (Nikki, Kya, Nisha, and Kira) have been the sweetest and most loving fur babies you can imagine. Both pairs were from the same litters.
 When we lost Kya just before last Christmas, we were all devastated . . . Nikki most of all. Kya was 13 1/2 so it wasn’t totally unexpected but it’s always hard. We were thrilled to find that Sam is still breeding Sibes and had a litter due. So, we jumped at the chance and raised our hands for 2 females even though that meant a cross country trip from Florida (yes Sibes do fine in warm climates) to Oregon. Sam doesn’t ship her puppies, and we wouldn’t have wanted her to anyway.
 When the day of our trip finally arrived, getting there was a nightmare of delayed flights and missed connections. We were supposed to arrive at 1PM but didn’t get in until after 10PM. We kept texting Sam, but she calmly assured us not to worry. We all met, as promised, in the cell phone waiting lot of the airport where we officially forever homed Nisha & Kira.
 Our flight left Eugene at 5AM the next morning. We had previously sent Sam 2 airline approved under seat carriers so the girls could get used to being in them. I can’t say they enjoyed the carriers but after only about 10 minutes of fussing at the beginning of each flight, both settled down and didn’t make another peep. Fortunately, everything was on time and the girls got a break at the  Denver airport. Yes, PhiChas puppies do come pad trained!
So, after just over 1 week at home and 9 weeks old, they already know a few commands like COME and LEAVE IT, and they walk about a mile every morning on leashes. With Nikki in the lead, the 2 of them follow right on her heels. They’re even learning about the pool. Of course . . . they’re Florida girls now! Did I say SMART?! They are still working on potty training. 
Nikki is also a great surrogate mom. Even though she’ll be 14 soon, she interacts with the girls and keeps them in line. As a bonus, Nikki is finally getting over losing her sister and is more like her old self.

So, in case you missed the important points:
PhiChas Sibes are the BEST!
Sam could not be more honest, trustworthy, or accommodating.
Sibes do fine in warm climates.
Two are definitely better (and ultimately easier) than one.
Don’t worry about 2 from the same litter.
Older PhiChas Sibes do fine with young PhiChas Sibes.

You can’t go much farther than we did to bring them home. That is a testament not only to how we feel about PhiChas Sibes, but to how much we trust and appreciate Sam.

Mark & Debbie K.
Punta Gorda, Florida
Text Box: Up-date On Izok
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