~Liberty & Axel~




 Libby is a Very comical, independent girl. She has a Standard coat.

ALL this girl wants to do is play, talk and play some more!

She is VERY vocal. Seems the only time she isn't ‘talking’ is when she is asleep...lol

She is the perfect (Standard) size for a Siberian Husky Female.

 Libby has a VERY endearing nature and before you know it,

she gets under your skin….in a good way (most times)….lol!




Axel can be high-spirited, sometimes, but prefers to be more laid-back & goofy.

He has never met a dog or human yet that he can’t get along with.

This boy is happy running with his pack-mates or just lazing around the house.

He is smack-dab in the middle of the AKC breed standard in both height & weight.

He has a HUGE voice and he knows how to use it!

(He loves to tattle on his pack-mates when they are into or doing something naughty….hehehe).



Pups in this litter will be vocal, Stubborn, Sneaky, Crafty, Cuddly,

& completely Lovable!!

Names I give the pups at birth are generic and for my identification purposes only.

Once you choose your pup, please re-name him/her as soon as possible.

I will use his/her new name on a daily basis so your pup will know his/her new name when he/she comes home to you.