Our experience with PhiChas Siberians has been positive the entire time.  Sam responded swiftly and thoroughly to us at every contact, whether by phone or via email.  The information given in response to our questions indicated not only a sincere love for Sibes, but a working knowledge of their temperament and specific needs.  I appreciate the fact that they asked questions of us to make sure we would take care of our puppy as needed, and give him the home he deserves. We were most certainly kept up to date on our puppies care, the website was a wonderful resource for constant updates on our Lincoln's progress.  If we needed anything more that what was found on the website, Sam would always take care of us. I believe that every dog in their home is very well taken care of, Lincoln included. Our puppy is lively and energetic, full of spunk and very healthy.  Our veterinarian commented on how he came from very good breeders because of the information included in the puppy pack.  Lincoln is adjusting to life in our home just fine, and I think that has much to do with the way he was taken care of by Sam. 
I found Siberian puppies advertised on other sites for less money, but I can't help but to think there is a reason.  My impression of the others that I looked at was that I did not trust them. The puppies shown did not look healthy. PhiChas’ website was built well, contained very good information, and indicated that Sam are in this to provide healthy and well adjusted pets to those they serve.  I believe that the price is reasonable considering the amount of effort and energy that goes into sending healthy and happy puppies to their forever homes. I think that the goodies included in the puppy pack were great, the ride home was fun, Lincoln settled in nicely after a few miles.  It was nice to have water and a little food for him. The toy helped as well. 
YES! we would definitely recommend PhiChas Siberians.  
We love Lincoln, he is such a wonderful and lively member of our family. Sam has most certainly enriched our lives by allowing us to bring this wonderful puppy home with us, we look forward to many, many years of friendship with Sam as we keep in touch regarding Lincoln.

Chris, Ola & Kana
Medford, Oregon



Sam is amazing! I knew from our first phone conversation that they were very concerned about my puppy’s home environment. When we picked up our puppy, it warmed my heart to see that all their Sibes were indoor pets and not just “kennel breeding stock”. They truly are dedicated to the breed!

I was very happy with their commitment level on letting me know how my little Mya was growing and changing. They went to special lengths to keep me informed since I have a ‘temperamental computer’, they built a special web page just for me that I could access (darn computer!) and updated it constantly. I felt like I hadn’t missed out on any of Mya’s puppiness. And the videos were awesome!

When I took Mya in for her wellness check the vet was amazed at the thoroughness of her paperwork, worming and vaccines. He said “These breeders are very good. I’ve never had a registered puppy come in with all this paperwork and informational literature. I’m impressed!” He also said that “PhiChas Siberians was adamant about their worming, what a good job!”

I believe you get what you pay for. The fact that Mya spent her first 8 weeks in a loving, watchful home where she learned her name, had human contact constantly & discipline when needed was worth every penny and more. Mya came home not only with social skills but puppy pad trained as well. Potty training was a breeze because of it.

The Puppy Pack was awesome! Not only did it contain all the paperwork for Mya, but also memories from home. We had a 9 hour drive home and Mya was wonderful the whole time. If she got restless she had a toy to play with and when she wanted to nap she curled up with her blanket that smelled like mom. She also had food and water for the trip. How thoughtful was that?

I have already recommended PhiChas Siberians to several people. I just cant say enough about the quality of PhiChas Siberians. They are amazing people and wonderful breeders.

No ‘Puppy Mill’ or ‘Backyard Breeder’ could hold a candle to PhiChas Siberians.

Thank You so very much for allowing us to love one of your Puppies!



Patti, Bob, Sherri, Todd & Erin

Tekoa, Washington

Text Box: Text Box: TAZ & STELLA

Excellent experience! Felt like I was part of the process from the beginning even though I was in Southern Cal  over 1400 miles away. I would highly recommend PhiChas to true husky lovers.  
Sam understand the breed as well as the owners!  
They truly care and love their dog family. Even though I was in Southern Cal. I felt like I was right there and did not miss anything from the birth till I picked Taz up. 
The emails were timely, descriptive and made me laugh, as well as the excellent pictures and video.
Taz was absolutely well taken care of. He is energetic, friendly, loving and sweet.  
It was also wonderful to have him pad trained!
Considering the excellent care and the priceless communication of the puppy’s early weeks and growth, 
The price I paid was extremely reasonable.
This is the 5th husky I have bought and have never had such a thorough puppy pack and info to take home with me.  They even thought of food & bottled water for the drive in the car!!!
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend PhiChas Siberians. As mentioned above this is the 5th husky I have brought into the family.  I hesitated at first since Oregon was 1400 miles away. My other huskies were local and I could visit them with their mother.  I was concerned I might miss out on something. But as mentioned above, Sam kept me so well informed on Taz and the puppies’ daily life that I felt I was there with them. I also appreciate that they care about all their puppies and want to continue to be part of their lives and see pictures as they grow. 
I would not even think of getting another husky from anywhere else!

SOOO,  (6 months after getting Taz Home) 
I just had to add Stella to our home as well!

Ellen, Max & Kodi
Westlake Village, California



In Loving Memory Of

~Big Pappa Max~

Text Box: Teddy

Our gratitude to Sam goes deeper than we can possibly express.  In December, we lost our 8-year-old Siberian husky “Theo” unexpectedly.   He was the center of our lives and we were completely devastated by his death.  When we made the decision to get a new puppy, we looked on the internet for breeders.  There were hundreds to choose from, which posed a problem….how do we choose a good breeder?  After looking at several websites, PhiChas Siberian Huskies caught our attention because it was unique.  Most breeders have websites that tout their experience raising show-quality dogs, etc.  Sam has a different approach.  PhiChas Siberians raise their dogs with love and respect, they breed for good temperament, and their only goal is to find loving homes for their puppies.  The fact that they breed beautiful Siberian Huskies is a bonus!  We sent our application to Sam and started corresponding with them through email.  We knew that it would be more convenient to find a breeder in Colorado; however, after 3 days of corresponding with Sam we were so touched by their compassion and impressed by their breeding philosophies that we decided to purchase a puppy.  That’s when we fell in love with Teddy.  For the following 5 weeks, Sam constantly kept us up-to-date on Teddy’s progress including new pictures at least twice a week and videos when the puppies were old enough.   We didn’t miss anything that happened in the first 7 weeks of his life.  On the day that we picked up Teddy, Sam had him all ready to go.  He was freshly bathed and he had all his shots and deworming treatments.  They provided us with a complete puppy pack of information, puppy food, and bottles of water for the road.  Because of Sam’s efforts to keep us involved in Teddy’s first weeks, he was not a stranger to us and we bonded with him instantly.  At 10-weeks-old, Teddy is quite a little rascal.  He’s intelligent, has great markings, and awesome tri-colored eyes that are still changing colors. Everywhere we take him, people compliment his good looks and calm nature.  
We will continue to stay in touch with Sam because she is always eager to hear about his progress – plus, we need someone to brag to about our brilliant and amazing new puppy.  Thank you Sam for the experience you gave us and for your loving dedication to the Siberian husky breed.
Barre & Amy 
Boulder, Colorado
Check out their website below

~In Loving memory of Theo~

Text Box: Up-date On Teddy
Click Here
Text Box: Bakoda & Jayza

PhiChas Siberians is absolutely wonderful to work with. 
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and above all concerned with the well being of their future puppies. All of our experiences and interactions with PhiChas Siberians were positive! Sam was always very willing to share her knowledge and help me learn about the breed and what to expect throughout Bakoda’s growth and development. 
I could ask her any question and very quickly I would hear back with the answer.
My husband and I always felt very up-to-date on the growth and development of our puppy as well as the other puppies/animals in the care of PhiChas Siberians. Twice a week we would receive updates on the growth and development of the litter. I believe our pup (Bakoda) and all the pups were very well taken care of. Bakoda was very healthy in size, very loving, curious, and not fearful of a thing - drills, vacuums, lawnmowers, fireworks, you name it… NO FEAR!! (He hasn’t met a dog or person he doesn’t want to be best friends with!!) I believe Bakoda was very well taken care of by his mother (Koda) as well as both Sam. Often I was able to be a part of Bakoda’s life - playing, eating, and sleeping via the web cam so I feel like I had a very good understanding of the love and care he was receiving.
I believe I can truly see the benefits of quality breeding. Bakoda has been amazing in countless ways as he has grown and developed. He is great with people and other dogs, great at the vet, and very good with potty training…still to this day he has not had a #2 accident in the house!! These things don’t just happen by chance – this is the result of quality breeding, as well as, love and trust that is established from a young age.
It would be nice if this kind of quality came cheap… but it doesn’t. You know… you get what you pay for and I would have to say Bakoda has been worth every last penny!!! Building a fence, a kennel and the necessary vet trip bills aren’t cheap either!! But I believe the price was reasonable and worth it!! We all enjoyed the puppy pack! 
Great information from Sam (as usual) & more than enough food for us to transition him to the food of our choice. 
As well as toys he still LOVES on!!
Ryan and I would not only recommend PhiChas’ Siberians to others (who have done there research on the breed & know what they are getting into) but we will also most likely be returning puppy owners in the future.
Thank you Sam for your continued dedication to the breed as well as their owners.

Ryan & Jettrell S.
Ellensburg, Washington
Text Box: Keeni & Navi

From the beginning of our journey until the very day our babies were picked up 
our experience with PhiChas Siberians was one that my family and I will never forget and 
we will always think of Sam as family. 
Everything from the application down to the puppy pack showed us just how important these little ones truly are to them. 
Updates were given regularly and then some. 
My many, many questions were responded to very quickly and very thoroughly. On occasion when I have a concern or question I am answered just as quickly and because of this I am confident and comfortable in knowing that PhiChas is there when we need them. 
Our little Keeni and Navi were very well taken care of and kept in a clean environment always. 
I was amazed at how kept up and very clean everything was. 
The price that we paid was very reasonable and one of the best investments we have every made. 
The puppy pack was great and included very helpful literature and super cute birth certificates and health records. 
Because of the many updates, live pup cams, and many conversations, when the day came for us to pick up our babies we felt as though we already knew them. 
Keeni and Navi are amazingly beautiful, smart, and what true quality breeding is at its best. 
They had an excellent first vet visit and had their entire check up without even a whimper. 
PhiChas Siberians is the only breeder that I would recommend to anyone wanting a beautiful, healthy, happy Siberian Husky. 
Many thanks go out to family and I are very happy and grateful for our beautiful babies and this delightful experience.

Clancy & Cassandra D.
Nampa, Idaho
Text Box: Okami

PhiChas Siberians, from the get go, have made my experience becoming a 
new dog owner the most fantastic and memorable one ever.
From researching for 6 months trying to find the “perfect” breeder, I came across their site & I fell in love and was sold! Everything about their site, the stories, their family, previous puppies & their owners, their dedication, and knowledge of their dogs let alone the Siberian Husky breed was phenomenal. You can see how much love and dedication they put into their dogs, their web site, and the well being of all their animals. They want only what’s best for you, your puppy and for their dogs. How they represented themselves told me I couldn’t have been luckier or more blessed to have come across and grow with them. 
They allowed me to become part of their family and pack!
The experience I shared with Sam is what truly captured me and my heart; with them, even though I was over 2000 miles away, I was able to see my puppy grow from the minute he was born till the day I came and got him. It was as if he was with me the whole time and I didn’t miss a thing.
Watching him grow and mature, and play with his litter mates, & to see his personality develop was jaw dropping. 
I got to know who he was before I even met him! 
From Sam up-dating pictures twice a week and having live stream cameras for us to watch every day and sending us individual videos is more than anyone could ask for from a breeder. This shows us just how much they want us to be happy and it shows how they raise, treat, and care for their own dogs. 
It makes one feel safe, confident, and completely positive about getting a puppy from them because you get to see the living conditions the pups are in and know how well they are being treated and socialized. 
PhiChas Siberians are 100 % quality, and it shows in my puppy. He is so down to earth and care free, he’s happy, in perfect condition, smart, loves everyone, and very well socialized! 
(My puppy Okami is only 11 weeks old and can already Sit, Shake, Lay Down, Roll Over, and Play Dead!)
Sam answered all my questions & concerns very quickly. 
They had all the pups up to date on shots & cute little health records, and I got a puppy pack and notebook full of everything Okami would ever need or I would need to know about Okami and the Siberian Husky breed!
Without a doubt I’ll be getting another from them in the future!
Sam is truly, without a doubt, the BEST!! 
I can’t thank them enough for my PERFECT Okami, he was worth every penny and the 2000 mile trip to get him!! 

Noelle Robles
Gulf Breeze, Florida